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About Us

Who we are:


We are a community of black and peripheral creatives to foster diversity and inclusion in the creative industry by offering a free mentoring network, networking opportunities, equipment rental at social prices and tools for creatives to grow strategically.



Unlocking black and peripheral creatives to the fullest extent of their potential

to amplify black narratives and foster a more diverse and inclusive creative industry.

We believe in your potential and we want to help you achieve your goals.

In our program, you can participate in mentoring groups to exchange learning and knowledge that will help you to grow strategically. And Every mentee also makes a commitment to becoming a mentor is about more than just being successful - it's about sharing.


Get the equipment for your next project.

Now you can create any video, audio or photo content project with our social equipment rental program. It is only available to active members of our program and is the perfect way to start your next project.


Help communities grow with our recycling program.

Think of all the wasted equipment you see in the studios that are no longer used. Learn how RECiclo can help you save time and money while you do your part helping those in need and creating a sustainable world.

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